about Us

What is REALIZE?

REALIZE is a cryptocurrency that was created to establish economic freedom for disenfranchised communities. It is our past, present, and future, immersed within a token. This token will serve the community through education, P2P circulative transactions, blockchain integration, and community driven projects.

What purpose does REALIZE serve?

With little to no resources provided, the REALIZE team understands that poverty continues to plague our communities. The resources that are provided help perpetuate a poverty mindset within the community; those same resources come with a cost.

The cost is division in our communities when, in reality, it should bring us together. By circulating a portion of all transaction fees, coin holders will be able to accumulate free REALIZE coins on a daily basis through Tokenomics. Tokenomics creates a windfall of free coins which will be redistributed to disenfranchised communities through our charity function(s).


Meet our Team

Here at REALIZE, we have an amazing team!




RealizeCoin will develop into a sustainable circulation finance and Realizer App will be a business ecosystem that will support it.


Sutandi Azhari M


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.